I Guess It Depends

I’ve been getting back into photography recently.  Not just the technical aspects of taking the photos, but also the post-processing side of things. Years ago I had a site on yahoo’s geocities (I have a version on my HDD, but it’s not in the geocities archives) where I would make an attempt to sell photos.  I’m not going to do that her, but I’m still not really sure what the point of this blog will ultimately be.

I think my aim is going to be to try and capture not only the world around me, but also my take on it.  I’ve been particularly inspired by FiftyFootShadows, which I’ve followed for a few years now and found to be an excellent blog.  I like that the images are made available for download as desktop wallpapers (though a little more apple-centric than I would be inclined), so perhaps I’ll take that approach.

But in reading up on, and speaking with, professional photographers, I’ve met mixed responses to the importance of post processing. I went a long time thinking that photography was all about taking pictures, but then I came across a lecture from a pretty successful photographer, that was basically an hour of how he edited and ‘fixed’ images in Photoshop.

And so I discussed this with my other half, asking what she thought about it.  Her answer lent itself to naming this blog; “I guess it depends.”

I like that approach.  I’m going to spend some time, through posts here, finding my style, what it is that makes an image ‘mine’. And I’ll do that with no rules, anything goes.  Sometimes that will be photos as they come off the camera (whatever that may be, DSLR or phone), sometimes that will be something heavily edited in post, and sometimes it might be something created from scratch.

I guess it depends what you’ve come here looking for, but hopefully you’ll find at least some of the images work for you.


Download [4912 x 3264]



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