Depending on each other

Last week my fiancé and I got married. I never thought it would be so easy, and so obviously right, to dedicate your life to someone. To let yourself depend on them, and to be depended upon.

I’m never sure about black and white photographs – it almost seems like it’s too easy to make an image look striking or interesting, so much so that it almost feels like being a bit amateur.  And yet, undeniably B&W can make an ordinary plain image into something exotic, and exciting.

I really enjoy this photo because there’s so much going on, and because it’s not perfect.  In my day-to-day life I’m someone that likes my pens organised together, my cables out of view, and my monitor at 90° or 45° angles to my desk, so the non-horizontal lines, and non-centred subject shouldn’t be something that I enjoy.  But I do, it’s like the wall is there and it’s doing it’s own thing, rather than being forced to conform to the needs of the photographer. The subject is doing almost the same – she is behaving slightly coy, but it doesn’t look (and wasn’t) deliberate – it is a stance and expression happening regardless of the camera. The portal on the wall frames nothing – again in defiance of the photographer.



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